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How To Apply Makeup

A Great Manicure At Home

If you want to get the most from your manicure, start with clean, healthy nails.
Your hands are often dry and chapped from frequent washing and exposure to wind, sun, heat and cold. Your nails can suffer the same dried out damage that the rest of your skin can. This …

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Natural Makeup

The Magic of Lip Makeup

Lip Makeup makes the difference between plain lips, and lustrous lips. From lip gloss to lip stick, you are never out of options to play up your lips. For lips that are on the thin side, lighter glossier shades are better to help plump up the looks of your lips. …

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Creating Volume In Thin, Fine Hair

Problem: you have very fine hair and no amount of upside down brushing seems to help it look fuller.
Fine hair is difficult to tend to, because it seems to have a limpness about it that is hard to conquer. However, the hair itself is not overly thin, it’s actually …