Caring For Your Skin on Any Budget

Everyone wants to look their best when out in public, either at work or play, and most people are particular about their choice of clothing, shoes, hair styles and accessories. Often, especially in men, the crucial component of the “look” that is neglected is the condition of the skin.
Women try to disguise a “less than perfect” skin with make-up with varying degrees of success, depending on their knowledge of cosmetics and skill level at applying them. Some men are jumping onto this bandwagon, but mostly, at “bloke” level, it’s a shave or beard-trim, moisturiser if he thinks of it, and out into the world.
Unfortunately most of us don’t regard skin beauty as the foundation of our unique look, but without it, we are wasting our money on cosmetics if we don’t nurture the base. It’s a bit like slapping a quick coat of paint on an unprepared surface, and expecting it to look top notch.
Using quality skin products should be as much a part of our daily hygiene routine as showering, applying deodorant and cleaning our teeth.
What to expect from daily use of quality skin products:
· Prevent and/or repair sun damage, the number one cause of premature aging
· Noticeable decrease in freckles and skin pigmentation
· Even skin tone with fewer blemishes and finer pores
· Smooth, soft skin texture
· Fewer wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet
· Quality skincare contains mostly naturally derived ingredients, which are more compatible with our skin
Cheap skin products – how do they compare?
· Cheap skincare contains mainly synthetic lab produced chemicals, many of which have been shown to cause puffiness. irritation and even cancer
· There is lesser emphasis on testing as this increases the price of the product
· Inferior ingredients could damage some delicate skin types
· Products made overseas may not be subjected to quality control standards
5 sound reasons for having a regular skin care routine
· Invisible dirt and grime in our environment settles on exposed areas of both face and body daily, even if we work indoors
· Skin not properly cleaned daily will develop visible blackheads
· Applying a cream or lotion after a shower will replenish lost moisture and soften the skin
· Skin well-cared for does not age as quickly as neglected skin
· Dry, damaged skin is rough and flaky to touch, gets itchy and is more likely to have small spots or sores that allow the introduction of bacteria
Quality skin products are tested and approved before being sold to the public, so you can be confident of the highest manufacturing standards. They are developed using the latest technology and research methods and are usually backed by a consumer guarantee.
Skin beauty provides the flawless canvass on which to apply make-up, display jewelery or drape fabric. Quality skin products support that effect.
Copyright (c) 2009 Michael Atma