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Beauty Store

Buy Jewelry Items Via Virtual Online Showrooms

Virtual online showroom is a custom made website containing a supplier’s entire list of products with pictures and detailed description. Virtual online showroom offers open access features to catch your attention. It also offers password-protected access feature. Virtual online showrooms offer classic web site design and Internet marketing services, 3D …

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General Article

Similarities and Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

You know that hemp and marijuana are “cousins” in the plant world, and that hemp is used for its fiber and marijuana for its brain-altering chemicals. But you recently drove past a hemp farm and couldn’t help noticing that it smelled a lot like the room of that person in …

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Skin Care

How To Improve Your Eyelashes

Did you ever look in the mirror and wonder why your eyelashes don’t have the long and thick flutter so often associated with the feminine allure?
We often see babies with envious long eyelashes, yet as we grow older, our eyelashes don’t quite measure up anymore. Part of it is …

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The Best Choice For Beautiful Nails

It takes a long time to grow beautiful, glamourous fingernails. Our hands take a beating with weather, water and daily chores. It seems like just when your nails start to grow, one chips or breaks. Then another goes. Then another. You file them all down to the same length and …

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Natural Makeup

Cosmeceuticals 101 – The Science of Skincare

When you reach for an anti-aging product, you don’t want your skin to just look better-you want it to be better. Enter “cosmeceuticals,” topical solutions made with biologically active ingredients that actually heal and revitalize damaged skin.
These products, which are not drugs, promise medicinal strength without the prescription. But …