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Spring 2011 Makeup

It’s Spring time in Brisbane which means fireworks, festivals, fashion, fiestas and fun!! Compliment your sunny spring outfits with the latest makeup trends. Playful and bright fashion and makeup is back! Below are some of the hottest make-up trends for the season of Spring 2011. A word of advice – …

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Exploring Mystical Spirituality

Whether you grew up in a church or synagogue or you weren’t raised in any religion, spirituality may be a bit of a question mark to you. What exactly does spirituality entail? Exploring spirituality is a beautiful thing and should be an exciting experience for you. While there are many …

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The Many Benefits Provided By Saunas

It’s no secret that other than a leisure activity, using saunas can provide you with a host of benefits. These benefits can be enjoyed either in the privacy of one’s home or at the health club. There are prefabricated ones which are sold at hardware stores or even online. They …

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Prominent and Best Care – Acne For Young People

Face is the most prominent feature that a human being has, people usually notice the face first when they meet someone. Any blemish on the face can become an outright nuisance because not only does it itches, it gets noticed fast and is hard to hide. Though there are a …

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Use Silk to Attach Hair Extensions

The traditional fused hair extension is attached to your natural hair using beading, glue or other adhesive. These fusions are frequently damaging to the natural hair, causing breakage and other damage and preventing the hair from growing as it should.
The other problem with these adhesion methods is the amount …