3 Questions About Elder Care Options

Among the hardest conversations an adult child may have with his or her parents, is about considering some type of elder care services Westchester County. Among the options for such services are home care, adult daycare and moving to an assisted living community. Tactfully answering several questions will help determine what type of care is best.

1. What Are the Health Problems?

It may be noticeable to many in the family that your mother or father is suffering from poor health, but finding out the specific issues he or she is dealing with will help decide what type of care may be needed. Getting a proper diagnosis from a doctor as to whether your loved one suffers from a chronic or possibly even terminal illness could help the family provide the best quality of life available, and perhaps lead to an improved condition.

2. Are There Memory Issues?

Sometimes it is easier for family members to associate increasing memory loss with normal aging. However, denial that some form of dementia could be the cause of frequent forgetfulness may lead to more harm. Some older parents may be diagnosed with a mild or moderate form of dementia. In these cases, it may be possible for them to continue living in their home with some daily help from a home care provider.

3. What Assistance Is Needed?

Adult children may feel helpless when they see their parents’ health failing. The first thought may be to encourage them to move into an assisted living community. After open and honest communication, however, it may be discovered that a little assistance with tasks like dressing, bathing, meal preparation and household chores is all that is really needed. This can often be accomplished by hiring an elder care attendant.

Although having a discussion with your senior parents about their health care needs can be awkward, doing so can eliminate miscommunication and lead to identifying the help that is needed.