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An Overview of Laser Hair Removal and How it Works

By Arsya Aug24,2021

An Overview of Laser Hair Removal and How it Works

The principle behind laser hair removal is simple. The hair has 3 stages of growth; they are the anagen phase, catagen phase and telogen phase. The anagen phase is the beginning phase of hair growth. At this phase of growth, the hair follicle is full or follicle bulb is filled with a substance known as melanin. This is when the hair grows the fastest and it can grow over 1cm in approximately 28 days. The length of time for this phase will be different for each person. During catagen phase hair growth will slow down but it will not fall of because the follicle is still active. It is during the telogen phase the hair falls of and follicle prepares it self for new hair.

The problem is that all of the phases exist at the same time in a given area which is why it takes several sessions of hair laser removal to get rid of the hair. The most important time to do laser hair removal is during the anagen phase. This is because it is during this phase the hair the hair follicle is at its most active phase. This is when the follicle produces a new batch of melanin or pigment. Basically with hair laser removal the melanin is taking in the lasers energy thereby destroying the follicle. In most cases people do not need anesthetic to do hair removal with laser. Of course each person’s tolerance for pain is different.

If you find the treatment painful then there are analgesic creams available to help lessen the pain. The first time it is done tends to be the most painful. Even then it is not an intolerable pain level. After hair removal is done some guide lines need to be followed. They are avoiding bathing for at least 2-4 hours after the treatment and avoid plucking hair with tweezers. It is also not a good idea to apply any sort of creams in the treated area, such as anti-inflammatory creams. After the treatment there will be hair growth in the treated area. This is the root of the hair being rejected by the skin and this can be shaved of.

By Arsya

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