Behaviors Which Are Most Harmful to Achieving A Healthy and Beautiful Smile

By Arsya Jul11,2021

Behaviors Which Are Most Harmful to Achieving A Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Ohio resident Jake Wills was thrilled to finally be getting his braces off. He was looking forward to the look of a brand new smile. He felt as if he had worn braces forever but in reality he had only had them for four years. Jake had a severe overbite which needed correcting and although his braces were coming off he knew that once removed he would be wearing a retainer for quite awhile. He had taken good care of his teeth during the past four years and was really hoping that his teeth were in good shape when the braces were removed. His orthodontist assured him that the results would be to his liking. His parents, who had footed the bill for the braces were also hoping that his overbite problems were now a thing of the past. In Cincinnati cosmetic dentistry procedures are pretty common place for a number of practicing orthodontists. Also in Cincinnati Invisalign braces are a very common choice for the many patients who may require their teeth to be straightened. In fact, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and periodontists never seem to be at a loss for patients in need of tooth maintenance, repair, or straightening. It seems that even from a very early age people tend to participate, willingly or unwillingly, in activities that could potentially be damaging to their teeth. The following are some of the behaviors classified among the worst offenders when it comes to adversely affecting the teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw.

• Thumb sucking as an infant can cause an overbite.

• Pacifier use, especially prolonged use, can lead to bite problems.

• Sending a child to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice can promote tooth decay.

• Poor brushing and/or flossing habits can be damaging to the teeth and cause breath odor.

• Smoking cigarettes contributes to poor oral health.

• The use of smokeless tobacco is harmful to the gums and can stain the teeth.

• High blood pressure can cause bleeding gums.

• Eating foods with a high concentration of sugar, such as candy or fruit, can lead to tooth decay.

• Biting or clenching the jaw while sleeping can lead to alignment problems.

• Teeth grinding can cause tooth sensitivity and weaken the structural integrity of the tooth.

• Failing to get proper professional cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and routine tooth maintenance is one of the most harmful oversights a person can make.

• Chewing gum apart from the sugarless varieties can lead to cavities.

• Drinking red wine as well as some types of tea can cause staining of the teeth.

While some of these behaviors are easy to correct some of them are not and will require the assistance of a professional skilled in treating and maintaining the teeth. Genetics also play a significant role in the way teeth, gums and the jaw are formed and how they ultimately function. Perhaps the best course of action to keep teeth looking their best is to avoid all behaviors which can adversely impact the mouth and to get periodic and regular tooth maintenance.

By Arsya

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