Cold Weather Care For Your Hair

The needs of your hair change with the passing of each season. In the warm weather months, you need to protect your hair from harmful effects of swimming in chlorinated water, ultra-violet rays from the sun and pollution. The cold weather brings along some different kinds of problems for your hair.
In colder months, we are more likely to experience hair breakage, split ends and static in our hair. This is because as the outdoor temperature goes down, we start turning the indoor thermostat up. Furnaces, fireplaces, wood-stoves and even clothes dryers pull moisture out of the air. That’s why winter hands are often dry and chapped, and your hair is full of static.
Preventing winter dryness from overtaking your hair is really quite simple.
Look for a moisturizing shampoo. Your hair needs added moisture anyway, so make your shampoo work double duty. However, be careful not to wash your hair more than once a day, because even with a hydrating shampoo, you can still strip the natural oils from your hair.
Use a good conditioner with hydrating properties to coat and protect the shaft of your hair. Not only will it seal in your natural moisture, it will strengthen your hair and shield it from exposure to the elements.
Protect your hair from wind, snow and cold. A light scarf or hat to cover your hair will protect it from the elements, which can damage and dry out your hair. Never go outdoors in the cold weather with wet hair, because the water in your hair will freeze quite quickly. Not only does this dry out your hair, but it can cause strands to break or split.
You’ll likely need your blow dryer to avoid leaving the house with wet hair, but try to keep all other heated appliances in hibernation for the winter. Styling tools weaken your hair at a time when it is already vulnerable. Using flat irons, hot rollers and other styling tools will strip your hair of precious moisture and increase the chances of breakage and static electricity.