Cosmetic Dental Surgeries and Their Effects

By Arsya Apr6,2022

Cosmetic Dental Surgeries and Their Effects

Among all the features that a person’s face has, his or her smile is the only feature that can truly affect others. A smile can easily brighten anyone’s day or enliven the mood of a place. Apart from that, a smile shows a lot about a person’s personality. A beautiful set of teeth can even improve the appeal of this gesture. On the other hand, chipped tooth, tarnished teeth, gaps and decays may affect a person’s confidence. As a result, he or she might end up smiling awkwardly by trying to hide their teeth.

Anybody may now improve the condition of his teeth through certain surgeries. To know which dental surgery is best for his dental problems, he must first visit and consult with a dental surgeon. Every dental problem can be resolved by modern dentistry. By consulting with a dentist, a person may have an understanding of what he can expect during and after the procedure.

Cosmetic dentistry literally provides hope to people who have lost their self-esteem because of the conditions of their teeth. These conditions may have resulted from accidents or other underlying problems such as Temporomandibular Joints Disorder and oral cancer. However, the cost of cosmetic dentistry is quite heavy on the pocket. For this reasons, people who intend to go for it must take their time and consult with the right people before actually undergoing any surgery. Here are some procedures done under this branch of dentistry:

• Dental crowns or caps. This procedure is advisable for people suffering from discolored, misshapen or chipped teeth. This cosmetic dental surgery involves placing a cap, designed after dental crowns, over the problem tooth. The cap is then secured on it with specialized cement. This procedure may require the patient to visit his surgeon at least twice before it is totally done.

• Tooth whitening. Among all the dental surgeries that a person may do- this is actually the most affordable. There are different kinds of procedures to whiten a person’s teeth. Some can be done in just twenty minutes while others might require him to visit his dentist for a month. Regardless of the procedure that an individual may afford, he would eventually renew the appearance of his teeth.

Unfortunately, the result of whitening is not permanent. It actually depends on how a person maintains his teeth. He may even have to wait for years first before going for the same procedure again.

• Veneers. These are wafer-like dental laminates that can totally renew the appearance of teeth. They can be made of porcelain or resin materials that the color of a person’s teeth. Veneers are placed on the surface of damaged tooth or teeth. This procedure is recommended for people with worn enamel, cracked and uneven teeth. Aside from the aesthetic effect of this surgery, it may also protect the exterior of the teeth from other damages.

By Arsya

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