Cosmetic Dentistry at Its Best With Inman Aligner Braces

By Arsya Feb5,2022

Cosmetic Dentistry at Its Best With Inman Aligner Braces

More and more people rely on cosmetic dentistry as an answer to their orthodontic problems. One of the most common problems that people face is having misaligned or crooked teeth. There is now an array of treatments available, depending on the severity of the case and on the orthodontist’s recommendation. These treatments are a product of modern technology that fuses the need to be aesthetically appealing without losing the core function to correct tooth irregularity.

One of the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry is Inman Aligner Braces. An alternative to both traditional metal braces and invisible braces, Inman Aligner Braces were developed to align teeth within the fastest time frame possible. Wearing dental braces to align teeth usually take up a year or even more, but Inman Aligner Braces hopes to reduce the time it takes to see visible results through its ground breaking technology.

Inman Aligner Braces capitalizes on the “push-pull” principle. The semi-transparent device has a coiled spring that is securely placed on the back side of the teeth. The spring creates a pressure that squeezes the teeth against a small metal bar placed in front. Through this process, teeth are gently aligned and moved to their desired position. It is, however, not as modest as its invisible counterpart. The small metal bar that runs across the front teeth is clearly visible.

Yet, the best part about wearing Inman Aligner Braces is the fact that the total treatment time is considerably reduced. On the average, a patient needs to wear the braces for a maximum of 16 weeks as opposed to more than a year with the traditional metal braces. There is also no need to go back to the dentist for scheduled fitting adjustments. And since it is removable, patients can have greater comfort when eating and will not have any difficulty cleaning the device. Patients are advised though to wear the braces for at least 20 hours a day for better results. In addition, a patient only needs one aligner to set his teeth correctly compared to invisible braces, which come in a set that needs to be changed every two or so weeks within treatment duration.

Inman Aligner Braces is clearly another practical option for people seeking for a solution to their orthodontic needs. It gives fast yet effective results as well as number of benefits that most adults will find appealing and suitable for their lifestyle. Cosmetic dentistry indeed has contributed so much in making these kinds of dental treatments more pleasing to the eyes and a bit more painless.

By Arsya

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