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Different types of glass packaging

By Arsya Jun22,2022

Glassmeister has been working against plastic packaging for a long time. This is not without reason because a lot of plastic waste ends up in the oceans and is a big factor of pollution in the world. Therefore, companies like Glassmeister believe that we should start investing more in reusable packaging. That’s why they make glass containers such as bottles, jars and dropper bottles. Would you like to know more about all the different types of glass packaging Glassmeister sells? Then read this blog to find out more about this subject.

Different lines of glass packaging

Glassmeister is known as a manufacturer of glass packaging because of its many different lines. All these lines look different and can be used for different purposes. So if you are looking for glass bottles, jars or other types of glass packaging, we recommend that you take a look at the many different lines. Packaging must also be nice to look at!

Cosmetic bottles and jars

The cosmetic bottles and jars from Glassmeister are very popular. The cosmetic bottles have many different shapes and sizes. There is always the possibility to reuse the packaging. The bottles are up to 500 millilitres in size. The cosmetic jars can also be purchased in different sizes and shapes. You could also opt for lightweight editions, which are even more sustainable due to the use of less material. These cosmetic jars can be filled up to 240 millilitres. So you can use the cosmetic bottles and jars from Glassmeister to store cosmetic products.

Dropper bottles and perfume bottles

Glassmeister also makes bottles for products that you might not initially expect. For example, they also sell dropper bottles specifically for oils. You can think of many different oils for the skin, for the hair or for other purposes. Of course you can order a pipette with this so you can continue to use the oils in the right way. The dropper bottles can be filled up to 100 millilitres. In addition, Glassmeister also sells perfume bottles. These are specially shaped, so they look nice and are robust. Like the dropper bottles, the perfume bottles can be filled to 100 millilitres.

Vitamin jars and wide neck jars

Besides all these jars and bottles, Glassmeister also sells special jars for vitamins. These can be filled up to 1000 millilitres. You can also buy wide neck jars to make it even easier to get the vitamins out of the jars.

By Arsya

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