Different Types Of Liposuction Techniques

By Arsya Jan8,2022

Different Types Of Liposuction Techniques

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States. The technique is used to remove excess fat from certain areas of your body and it involves body contouring, body sculpting or spot reduction. Most common areas that need liposuction include: hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, knees, back, ankles, jowls, neck, cheeks and upper arms.

When your body stops responding to diet or exercise, then liposuction is the only option to remove stored fat deposits. Various types of liposuction can be categorized by the fluid injections or by the suction mechanism. These are called wetting solutions and they involve minimal blood loss and increase the safety of the procedure. Various wetting techniques include:

Dry technique: It is an outdated technique, which is rarely used anymore. This technique contains no fluid is injected into the patient’s body.

Wet technique: Prior to the process of fat removal, an injection is given containing lidocaine that acts as local anesthetic and adrenaline to minimize the bleeding. The quantity of fluid given is less than the amount of removed from your body.

Super-wet technique: It is the most frequently used method of liposuction, which contains large quantities of fat removal. The amount of fluid injected in this technique is same the amount of fat being removed.

Tumescent technique: During this method, large quantities of fluid is injected containing a local anesthetic and lidocaine and epinephrine. It is the most popular technique and frequently used in most instances. This technique is used in combination with most popular assistive technique like ultrasound assisted liposuction (UAL) or laser assisted liposuction (LAL).

Types of liposuction techniques:

Traditional suction assisted liposuction: It includes insertion of suction tube or cannula by making a tiny incision to vacuum the fat cells. Your surgeon moves the tube back and forth to break up the fat cells and then suction out the excess fat.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: It also works as same like suction assisted technique but the cannula is special that emits ultrasonic vibrations to break the fat cells and to liquefy the fat. This method is used for the areas of the body where fat cells are more fibrous and hard to break them.

Power-assisted liposuction: In this technique, instead of moving the cannula by the surgeon, the movement is mechanized to move back and forth.

Laser-assisted liposuction: In this technique the cannula is attached to a fiber optic that guides laser beam to generate thermal heat in order to melt the fat at the treated area thus making the fat easy to remove.

Water-assisted liposuction: It is a new technique and has not yet been widely adopted by most surgeons. It relies on a thin fan shaped water beam to break the fat tissues and removed by the cannula.

These are the several liposuction techniques that are currently being in use.

By Arsya

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