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Easy Asian Eye Makeup Tips You Can Use Daily

By Arsya Aug8,2020 #asian #daily #makeup

Asian women like to look their best regardless of whether it is a special occasion or they are just going about their daily routine. By learning a few easy Asian eye makeup tips you will be able to apply your cosmetics quickly and easily and will not have to spend more time in front of a mirror than is strictly necessary.
One of the best Asian eye makeup tips has to do with color. Color is very important to any makeup routine regardless of a woman’s ethnicity. Remember these two Asian eye makeup tips. The first is that the color of your eye shadow should be based on your eye color, not the color of the outfit you are wearing. The second is that you always want to use a variety of colors from very light to very dark on your eyes.
It can be hard to tell what colors look good on your eyes so you may find that some experimenting is important. However you can use a few basic guidelines in order to weed out highly unsuitable color choices. In the past, Asian eye makeup tips recommended matching your makeup color to your eye color but the current thought is to contrast your eye color and your makeup color in order to make your eyes really show up. With brown or hazel eyes you may want to look at colors such as blues, purples or pinks. Some browns can also look nice but purple will really make brown eyes pop.
Another of the Asian eye makeup tips you need to learn is how to use different shades to create a stunning eye area. Most color kits will include three shades. They are usually a deep color that may be quite dark, a medium tone and a lighter tone as well. The deep color is normally used in very small amounts. Using your dark color sparingly is the most important of the Asian eye makeup tips that you can learn. Dark eye shadow on small eyes will make them look even smaller and closer together, which is likely not the look you are going for.
Start by applying the light color over the top of your eye up to the eyebrow. The darker shade can be used as a liner and in small amounts in the area where a crease would be. Then, you can use the medium tone all over the lid and finish it off by blending the two darker colors together to smooth out lines.
As you can see Asian eye makeup tips are not complicated if you have the right equipment and know how.

By Arsya

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