Fears Associated With Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery

By Arsya Jun15,2022

Fears Associated With Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery

Writing about “aesthetic cosmetic surgery” invariably shifts my mind to my insufficient front and a certain ‘broadish’ nose that I’ve been carrying for quite a while now. Then I think about continuing on the topic from the same note, looking to write about the various fears that people have regarding the same. I think it starts from celebrities. With countless sites offering you the sights of awful boob-lip jobs-browlifts-veneers-rhinoplasty-lip augmentations of the more celebrated and over-filled bank account kinds, one definitely at least starts with a shiver. And they come in the news too, without your even looking them up. To give you a few examples: a nose job will cost you anywhere between $3000 to $5000, while a breast augmentation would typically reside between 4 and 10k. And to know that there is no guaranty of proper ‘s a lot of money. Not every surgeon is an artist, which is what s/he needs to be for the desired results. There is only an extent to which a candidate can explain what is required. Also, the candidate him/herself might not have the best visualization skills, and that makes the process, and more importantly the outcome, even more dependent on the surgeon’s aesthetic sensibility.

“How will it look?” is only the beginning. “Former Miss Argentina Dies after Butt Implants Surgery”. Nip and tuck and fill jobs have their share of side effects, this of course was an extreme case. On slight research, one finds out the possibilities of pain, bleeding, infection, nausea, permanent red spots etc as a result of rhinoplasty. These include as side-effects for other facial surgeries as well, but facial implants also come with the possibility of causing stiffness due to the kind of implants used. And these cases occur with even the most expensive of surgeons, those well beyond the ranges mentioned by me in the last para.

A lot of men and women prefer ‘unadulterated’ beauties. No matter how attractive you might look after a procedure, the social circle might tick you off for being “unreal”, “over-conscious” or more unettiquitally “loser!”. Of course, these reactions might only be a result of jealousy or the other person’s inability to gather funds and courage to do the same, but it might even genuinely make you look shallow, or at least you might think it will. This is the third, and maybe the most important fear associated with aesthetic(?) cosmetic surgeries. It is obviously not possible to hide the fact from people who know you and your assets well enough.

Ok, I’ve scared you enough. “A woman’s life was saved in a car crash – because her silicone breasts acted as airbags.” There is a brighter side too.:)

By Arsya

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