For Simple Make Up Tips For the Girl That Doesn’t Like to Wear Make Up

By Arsya Jun9,2020 #doesnt #simple

Cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar business, yet many women choose not to or don’t know how to apply make-up on a daily bases. For those ladies that want to spruce themselves up every now and again, but don’t want to look “made up”, the minimalist look is ideal. We have some make up tips to help you achieve a clean and classic look you can wear every day. All you need are four simple products to give you a cheeky effortless school girl look. No need to go out and buy brushes or suddenly carry a make-up bag, these products can fit into your pocket. A few simple tips can make your look understated, but not under rated.
1. Jumbo eyeliner: Because you are not a make-up artist and more than likely without their steady hand and precision, we will throw out the need for a precise cat eye line. Jumbo eyeliner will give your eye the shape provided by a fine liner, but with some thickness to take the place of eye shadow. If your eyebrows are scarce this can also be used to shade them in lightly.
2. Tinted Moisturizer: Not as heavy as foundation, tinted moisturizer will add subtle coverage and hydration. It will also even your skin tone without having you look to made up.
3. Cream blush: Cream blush in a light shade will have a dual purpose; it acts as a nice blush to give your face some color as well as a nice lip shade.
4. Mascara: Mascara in a color matching your eyelashes will elongate them, without creating too much of a dramatic effect.
These products can be found at your local drug store or a beauty supply, to find your perfect match there will be trial and error. Purchase products that are compatible with your skin type. Look for products that are labeled oily, dry etc,. The best way to narrow down your skin type is to go to your dermatologist or a make-up counter and discuss some of your skins characteristics with them. Once you have worn these products for a while you can gradually work your way up to foundation and working with various types of colors. With time you may find that you prefer powder blush over creme blush or you may want to minimize the dewy look of our tinted moisturizer and apply translucent powder. Remember practice makes perfect, the more you apply these products, the easier it will become to apply them quickly and precisely.

By Arsya

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