Heat Resist Your Make Up

By Arsya Jul19,2020 #resist

Women’s cosmetic products don’t always stand up to the heat of the day. It’s the nature of our lives that we expose ourselves to the hot temperatures of the sun, steam coming from the kitchen stove, or the heat that radiates from the oven. Even giving the kids a quick bath can dissolve your look rather quickly.
Exposing the skin to heat, whether it be sunshine, steam or a hot kitchen, causes its own set of problems. For one thing, heat opens the pores. When a woman wears make up in hot conditions, the pores can become clogged and result in blemishes. Liquid foundation is the worst culprit for this.
If you spend a great deal of time exposed to heat, try using a light mineral powder rather than a liquid foundation. Not only will a powder absorb moisture from perspiration, thereby reducing the look of shine on forehead and nose, it’s less likely to cause blemishes. Mineral powder is lighter and sits on top of skin, unlike liquids which absorb into the skin. Therefore, when the pores start to open, mineral powders are less likely to clog them.
You should also keep eyeliner to a minimum. Heavy black or brown charcoal rimming the eyes may be a sophisticated look, but it tends to run and smear when it gets warm. This makes a woman look a little less like a diva and a little more like a raccoon. Instead, try adding a touch of liner to the outside edges of the eye, just enough to open them up. It should go without saying that to avoid smudging, waterproof mascara is a must!
During the height of summer, try a tinted moisturizer with a strong sunscreen to avoid sunburn and freckling, as well as reduce the amount of products on your face. Using a wide brush, stroke a little bronzer on your nose, cheeks and forehead to give you the glow of summer.
After a day in the heat, be it at work, in the kitchen or in the sun, make sure you wash off your make up and rinse well with cold water to close your pores. You can follow up with a light astringent or toner, and don’t forget to rehydrate your skin with a good moisturizer.
Applying make up that will stand up and resist the effects of heat will give you better skin. It will also keep you looking fresh faced and cooly beautiful in the hottest conditions.

By Arsya

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