Help for Every Lip Shape and Size

By Arsya Dec26,2020 #every #shape

Have you ever watched a beauty segment about how to properly apply lipliner, but every time you try it, your lips look awful? It could be that your lips were not built to wear liner.
Not everyone’s lips are shaped the same. Just like skin tone and hair colour, the shape and size will determine which colours and cosmetics will suit you best.
Small Lips: If they are small, you can make them look bigger by using a little liner just outside the edges of your lips. Colour them with a bright lipstick, but not too dark. Small lips respond well to lots of shine, so be sure to apply gloss throughout the day to make your lips stand out.
Thin or Shallow Lips: If you feel they are pencil thin, use a pencil to draw them wider. Just like small lips, you can embellish the edges with a liner, and fill them in with a matching colour. Light colours work well on thin lips, but you can move into deeper shades, as long as you don’t get carried away. Bright reds are too much, but pinks and mauves are fabulous.
Two Different Sizes: If one is thicker than the other, you can even out their appearance by lining the thinnest just outside the edges, and applying a slightly darker shade than the fuller lip. Gently rub your lips together to blend the colours for a natural appearance.
Long and Wide: When yours are stretch out too far or are too wide, you should avoid using liner. A nice dark colour that starts at the centre of the lips and lighter edges will reduce the size and appearance of your lips. A dob of gloss in the centre of each lip is great to create a focal point away from the elongated edges.
Full Lips: If you love having nice full lips, then show them off with bright and bold colours and shiny gloss. However, if you find yours are too full, you can detract attention from them by using subtle and lighter colours and keep them free of gloss.
Whatever shape or size of lips you have, remember to check your lipstick throughout the day for touch ups and be careful not to get any tell tale colour on your teeth.

By Arsya

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