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How to Prepare for Liposuction Surgery

By Arsya Mar9,2022

Liposuction is a good option for those who want to lose weight permanently. However, it is not a magic solution to your weight loss needs. It still requires some preparation and work to guarantee the best results.

If you plan on getting a liposuction procedure Chevy Chase MD, continue reading this article to learn about the steps you need to take beforehand. Like all procedures, you are not guaranteed the results you want if you do not follow the advice given by your doctor.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking raises the risks involved with liposuction surgery. It causes your blood cells to constrict and can inhibit your recovery. To improve the efficacy of your surgery, try to quit smoking at least a few months before you get it done. After the surgery, it is best if you do not smoke either. Talk to your doctor about the risks of smoking during and after your procedure.

Create a Weight Loss Program

Though liposuction is a beneficial surgery for weight loss, you still need to lose some weight naturally. Consult with your doctor about weight loss programs to prepare for liposuction. If your body mass index is too high, you might be denied surgery. The procedure is meant to take away a few pounds on areas where you struggle to lose weight.

Have Someone Help You

After the surgery, you will experience soreness and difficulty moving around like normal. Make sure you have someone who can help you get through the process and take you home after the procedure.

List Your Medications

Be honest with your doctor about the medications and supplements you take. They need to know to account for adverse reactions you may experience to anesthesia or pain medications they give you after the surgery.

When it comes to plastic surgery like liposuction, you need to make healthy and safe preparations before it is a viable option. Doctors will not operate on you if they deem it too risky. Create an effective program for you to follow to guarantee the results you want.

By Arsya

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