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Learning About Breast Augmentation Through Various Incisions

By Arsya Feb13,2022

Learning About Breast Augmentation Through Various Incisions

A very important decision of breast augmentation procedure is which type of incision will be made for the insertion of the breast implant. Many plastic surgeons favor a particular approach in all cases, while others will suggest a type of incision that best suits each individual patient.

Here’s a closer look at the four most common types of breast implant incisions, including the benefits and complications of each method.

1) Inframammary Incision:

The inframammary incision is located in the inframammary crease below each breast.

This allows the doctor to work closely to the breast to better control placement of the breast implant. Another benefit of this incision is that the scar is hidden underneath the breast and won’t be visible if you are wearing a bathing suit or lingerie.

One disadvantage of this type is if you wish to have a revision, the crease will have to be lowered or raised. This could create many complications.

2) Periareolar Incision:

The periareolar incision is also known as the nipple incision. The best nipple incisions are made at the edge of the areola and the lighter breast tissue. This helps the incision blend in more seamlessly.

Typically, this type tends to heal nicely. However, in some cases it leaves a light, unattractive scar.

One drawback of the nipple incision is that women are likelier to experience trouble breastfeeding. Additionally, some women have problems with nipple sensation. Always ask your doctor which incision he recommends for your body.

3) Transaxillary Incision:

Located under the armpit, the transaxillary incision is an attractive option for those who wish to hide the scar from their surgery.

One potential complication with this type is difficulty in placing the implant properly. Since the incision isn’t located on or near the breast, precision is limited. For this particular breast incision, it’s essential to find a doctor who has performed many such surgeries. This will give you the best chance of proper breast implant placement.

4) Tuba Incision:

The TUBA incision is located underneath the belly button. It is the newest procedure available for breast enlargement or breast augmentation surgery. A tunnel from the navel to the breast is created, and then a pocket is made under the breast. The implant is inserted into the navel and moved up to the breast, where it is then inflated and centered.

Like the transaxillary incision, precise placement of the implant poses a difficulty. The TUBA incision cannot be reused if a post-surgical adjustment is necessary, a standard nipple or crease incision must be used. Additionally, since the procedure is so unique, not many surgeons have the skills to adequately perform this breast incision.

The benefits are complete lack of scarring in the breast area, short recovery time and high patient satisfaction.

By Arsya

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