Liposuction – An Unnecessary Evil That Poses a Great Risk to Our Bodies

By Arsya Oct5,2021

Liposuction – An Unnecessary Evil That Poses a Great Risk to Our Bodies

Today’s media tells us that we need to look like skinny supermodels to fit in our society. Those who do not resemble these unrealistic models feel like outsiders, like they do not belong in today’s world. In parallel with this, medicine’s breakthroughs allow us to shape our bodies through procedures, like liposuctions.

With the purpose of fitting in this unrealistic society, a lot of people, mostly women, undergo this surgery without even knowing its risks. As if their figure was their only asset, women jump into the operating room, without even considering the consequences of a liposuction.

Women undergo this surgery to improve their looks, but they overlook the fact that the risks of liposuction include bruising, numbness, and swelling. In addition, discomfort in the treated area may occur. These are only some of the mild consequences. There are also some serious sequels of liposuction.

General anesthesia, with all its risks, is required for this surgery. Thus, we can count among the risks of liposuction stroke, and in some cases death. Also, infection, organ damage, burns from ultrasonic liposuction, pulmonary embolism, and lidocaine overdose can be mentioned in the list of liposuction risks.

Is it really worth it to expose our bodies to these risks just to fit in some made up model? As stated before, some women regard their bodies as their only asset, when they have so much more to offer to our society. In a world where the media did not brainwash everybody with the idea that they need to look like unrealistic models, liposuction would not be needed.

Of course, liposuction may also lead to depression. This happens when the results are not the expected ones. Removing large amounts of fat may result in loose skin. People who have excess skin as a result of a liposuction tend to get depressed, since they expected to look like supermodels after the intervention.

In addition, some women are so desperate to look like supermodels, that they are willing to do anything to achieve their goal, even if they cannot afford a liposuction. These women resort to cheaper but unlicensed practitioners. Something like this could greatly risk their lives.

The truth is that there is another way to lose excess fat, without having loose skin as a result. This method seems somewhat obsolete in this fast-paced world, but it was well known to everybody: work out. Anybody who has overweight and wishes to get back his figure should exercise. Naturally, the results will not show overnight, but you will not be exposing your body to the dangers of liposuction, plus it’s healthy.

Do not let yourself be cheated by the media. Bear in mind that those models are not realistic. We should look up to healthier models. In addition, those people who need to lose some weight, should see a nutrition professional, and work out. There is no need to risk our lives and health just to comply with improbable role models.

By Arsya

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