Making the Most of Your Spa Day

By Arsya Dec1,2020 #making

An appointment at the spa is a great way to pamper yourself and relax. However, whether you’ve booked an all day indulgence or an hour for a facial, it’s best to make the most of your time by coming prepared.
Before you go to the spa, bathe or shower to remove any old make-up, or everyday dirt from work outs and daily activities. If you’re having a facial, there’s really no point in arriving in full make-up, because it eats into your appointment time if the consultant has to remove it.
Wear something comfortable that’s simple to slip in and out of. Most spas require you to disrobe, but may offer disposable gowns or robes for you to wear. Many of the oils and products used in the treatments can stain or permanently damage your clothing, so it’s best to wear something easy to slip on and off before and after your appointment.
You shouldn’t wear jewellry when attending a spa, not only for security reasons, but also, some of the products in use may react with the metals. Not only that, but all too often sentimental items get left behind or damaged.
Be prepared to give your attendant clear and concise instructions. They are not mind readers, and your facial expressions may not be as obvious as you think. If you are uncomfortable, too cold, too hot or you are finding any part of the treatment painful, speak up and say so. Communication is key to getting the most enjoyment out of your spa experience. It also alerts the attendant to possible reactions to the products in use. A sudden coldness or numbness, for example, may not be status quo.
Much like wait staff and other service providers, spa attendants rely on tips as a part of their income. Therefore, if you’ve been given good treatment, remember to tip well. Usually 20% is a standard tip, and it should be given directly to the attendant if possible. If you have a good relationship with your spa attendant, don’t forget to refer them by name when you tell all your friends.

By Arsya

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