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Male Breast Reduction May Be the Answer to Your Problems

By Arsya May6,2022

Male Breast Reduction May Be the Answer to Your Problems

The word “gynecomastia” comes from the Greek language, combining words that mean “woman-like breasts”. Though it is rarely talked about, an estimated forty to sixty percent of males are troubled by this condition. At times, certain drugs, such as steroids, or prescription medications are to blame.

Other times, weight gain is the culprit for the resulting excess tissue in the chest area. Whatever the cause, gynecomastia can be a blow to a man’s self esteem, causing self consciousness and embarrassment. To alleviate this hardship, breast reduction treatment may be the answer. A flatter, firmer chest may be achieved by the surgical removal of fatty and glandular excesses.

If one is considering the surgery, here are some questions to bring to an initial consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon: Where will the surgery take place? What medicines will be prescribed? What type of anesthesia will be used? Will there be visible scars? What are the risks? When can one return to a normal routine of exercise and activity?

Surgery is usually an outpatient procedure. Sometimes a general anesthesia is used, but other times a local is opted for, along with sedation. The physician will take a person’s individual needs into consideration and make the recommendation that they feel is in the patient’s best interest.

After the surgical procedure, bandages will be applied to the site, along with an elastic supportive garment. A slender tube might be placed underneath one’s skin to drain any fluid that may be collecting, in order to promote effective healing.

At times Liposuction is also necessary. This is a procedure where a cannula, which is a thin tube, is placed into multiple incisions. The cannula is moved around to stir and loosen the area of fatty tissue and then allows it to be removed in a vacuum suction fashion.

Any surgical procedure will result in some scarring, but in this method, most are hidden with natural body contours. Over time, scars become fainter and less noticeable.

As with any medical procedure, there are always risks and the possibility of complications, although every possible safeguard is taken to minimize their potential. Risks include bleeding, blood clots, infection, change in nipple sensitivity, shape of breast irregularities including asymmetry, and swelling and bruising. Your physician and his or her staff will explain the entire method and what to expect in more detail.

Finally, the question of recovery has to be considered. How soon can one be expected to be back to their old self? When can they get back to work and exercise routine?

While much of the answer to this question lies in an individual’s skin type, age, health, and the amount of tissue that needed to be removed, some general guidelines are: begin walking around the day of surgery; the return to work can happen as soon as a man is feeling able, possibly a day or two after the operation; stitches will be removed one to two weeks after surgery; and a complete return to normalcy, including exercise and sports will take a full month.

After the month has passed, the man will be able to re-enter his life with a renewal of confidence and a sleeker and leaner look.

By Arsya

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