Preventative Skin Care to Protect Your Complexion

By Arsya Feb11,2020

When it comes to caring for your skin and tackling the most common signs of aging, prevention is truly the key. Developing healthy routines and habits in your teens and twenties can help save you a lot of heartache in your thirties and forties. To take the best possible care of your skin, give these three tips a try for a healthy and glowing complexion.

Schedule Professional Treatments on a Regular Basis

While using high-quality products at home can offer great results, nothing can hydrate, nourish and improve your skin like professional facial rejuvenation services. Talk to a pro about the ideal treatments for your individual skin type and condition to help you get the best results. In general, plan to schedule a session every two to three months, or as often as your esthetician or dermatologist recommends.

Cleanse and Moisturize Daily With Quality Products

It may seem like a simple rule, but many women ignore it. If you want healthy and youthful skin, you should cleanse and moisturize every morning and every night. Make sure you’re removing makeup effectively and exfoliating often as well. The quality of the products used really does matter. Consider trying a monthly subscription and test various samples until you find what’s right for you.

Hydrate and Nourish Skin From the Inside Out

All of the creams and facials in the world won’t make up for a poor diet and lack of hydration. If you want healthy skin, you need a healthy body! Avoid unhealthy, processed foods and consume a diet rich in fruits, veggies and healthy fats for a better complexion. Hydration is critical, so make sure you’re drinking enough water based on your weight.

If you’ve waited longer than you should to start a healthy skincare routine, don’t worry! While preventative skincare helps protect your complexion from wrinkles, acne and uneven skin tone, taking action today can still help repair your skin and prevent more damage in the future.

By Arsya

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