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Spring 2011 Makeup

It’s Spring time in Brisbane which means fireworks, festivals, fashion, fiestas and fun!! Compliment your sunny spring outfits with the latest makeup trends. Playful and bright fashion and makeup is back! Below are some of the hottest make-up trends for the season of Spring 2011. A word of advice – …

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Face Makeup

How to Choose a Natural Makeup For You

Hollywood celebrities can be deceiving. You may think that they have naturally radiant skin but it is actually all about picking the right makeup shade. Having a natural makeup is what most people are aiming for nowadays. Not only that they don’t look like pretty clowns anymore but their real …

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The Best Way to Choose Your Makeup Colors

Make up is supposed to make you look good, and not the other way around. However, when you have chosen the wrong colors, then you may just end up having the worst day of your life.
There are things to consider when choosing the right make up colors. First is …

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Makeup Ideas

Beauty Makeup Tips For Women

Life in the metros has been become so fast mainly in the corporate world. Looking good has become a requirement? So true this! Looking good is not only important for your own sake but because also that the market and profession demands it. Mainly of the working ladies do not …

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Foundation Makeup

Easy Asian Eye Makeup Tips You Can Use Daily

Asian women like to look their best regardless of whether it is a special occasion or they are just going about their daily routine. By learning a few easy Asian eye makeup tips you will be able to apply your cosmetics quickly and easily and will not have to spend …