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By Arsya May7,2020 #beautiful #choice #nails

It takes a long time to grow beautiful, glamourous fingernails. Our hands take a beating with weather, water and daily chores. It seems like just when your nails start to grow, one chips or breaks. Then another goes. Then another. You file them all down to the same length and start over.
It’s a frustrating process, which is why so many women opt for false fingernails. There are many different kinds of nails on the market. From tips to complete nails, some have nail glue to hold them in place, others use two sided tape.
The trouble with these nails is durability. If the complete set lasts an entire day without at least one falling off, you are either extremely lucky, or you haven’t used your hands all day. If, like most of us, you have a life that requires use of your hands, you should think about giving acrylic fingernails a try.
Acrylic nails come in all kinds of styles from french tips to long diva nails, so you can find a nail that best suits your personality and style. While it is possible to apply your own acrylic nails at home, you will get the best results from a salon.
Having your nails properly applied means they will last longer and be properly shaped for your fingers. While some high end nail spas may charge a high end price, you can get a good set of acrylic nails at a reasonable price if you shop around. It doesn’t take long to have them applied, and they harden quickly so you can leave the salon and go on with your day.
Take care of your new fingernails for longer durability. Improper care can lead to infection, and a common problem with acrylics arises from water being trapped between the natural nail and the acrylic one. This will dissolve the nail glue and cause it to come loose. If this happens, simply consult your nail technician to have the nail re-glued or replaced as needed.
You can file, shape and paint acrylics just as you would with natural nails. Visit your nail salon every two weeks or so for a nail adjustment, or reapplication as your natural nail grows. Other than that, you can enjoy your fabulous fingernails. The only thing you’ll have left to do is decide whether or not you will tell people your beautiful nails are actually acrylic.

By Arsya

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