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The Work of a Cosmetic Dentist

By Arsya Oct28,2021

The Work of a Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist in general is a medical practitioner who specializes in improving the general appearance of the dental part of a human body such as teeth, mouth and gum. This process mainly concentrates on making the whole mouth dental appearance look better according to the desires of the client. However, there exist some practitioners in the cosmetic world who have no educational background or experience regarding this field, but they regard themselves as cosmetic dentists. This is unethical and such people capitalize on the ignorance of the public to earn money. A cosmetic dentist is a special kind of dentist and not any cosmetic worker.

A modern cosmetic can offer many kinds of ways that an individual can enhance the appearance of face and in particular, the smile, by working on of the teeth, gum or mouth. A person would seek such treatment because of several personal reasons that they feel need rectification or makeover. Generally, a person would seek for the help of this dental practitioner if she/he wants to look younger. He will make some facial makeover on the dental appearance. Another reason is that he would improve personality in terms of expressing feelings. Unattractive teeth can make some hide a smile hence hiding his/her conscious and personality. A cosmetic dentist has several options available to guide the patient in choosing which one suit the patient the most. Below are some of them.

Whitening of the teeth: Teeth whitening is removing of coloration or staining on the teeth, otherwise known as bleaching. This procedure can be done anywhere even at home, but it should be known that not everyone’s teeth can be bleached and only after consulting with the cosmetic dentists that this process can be done. This is the most cheap and simple in making a facelift. Under this method, there exist different types of whitening including paint on teeth whiteners, professional teeth whiteners and many more.

Bonding: A cosmetic dentist will recommend dental bonding in the case where the surface of the teeth has some damage on its structure that cannot be whitened. Dental bonding is a procedure that can be used to improve the appearance of the tooth that is broken or chopped off or a bad non removable stain. This is done by filling the teeth with a white kind of matter in a repair kind of way. This kind of procedure costs relatively higher than other dental procedures and stains develop on the white matter with time spoiling the very smile.

Orthodontic cosmetic treatment: This is another method that a cosmetic dentist will most likely recommend to a child who has crooked teeth or a buck one. Though in the previous years, this method has been majorly carried out on kids. Nowadays, many adults with same conditions have come forward and requested for orthodontic treatment.

Porcelain Veneers: Small defects or imperfections in the dental arrangement and appearance of the teeth can be solved using this method. Veneers are majorly composite materials used to fill or cover features on a tooth such as discoloration, chipping of teeth or crooked. Also, bigger than normal spaces between teeth can be covered using veneers too.

Crowns: Another method that a cosmetic dentist can use if your teeth is decayed badly, broken down or have a very big gap in your dental arrangement is by use of crowns. This porcelain made covers are meant to act like real teeth. Therefore, they are made in consideration of pressure during biting and any such conditions that teeth go through such as brushing and temperature change.

By Arsya

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