Three Common Myths About Sun Bathing

By Arsya Oct9,2020 #about #bathing #common #myths #three

Tanning or sun bathing is a process that most people are using to make their skin look more attractive, glowing, and beautiful. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about this process, which leads most people to have their skin damaged instead of benefiting from it. This article will be showing you some of these misconceptions in order to help you prevent skin damages while sun bathing.
1. Most people think that sun tanning during cloudy day is not possible, but this is not true. You can definitely tan during cloudy days because the clouds don’t have the capability to completely filter UV rays. The rays that the clouds can filter are not enough to prevent the sun from damaging your skin.
2. Another misconception about tanning is that baby or mineral oil can accelerate the tanning process, but this is definitely not true. These oils don’t contain sun block, which is a valuable element in preventing skin damages. In fact, baby oil or mineral oil can even accelerate the damages caused by UV rays to your skin and will never accelerate your tanning process.
3. After sun bathing, you need to apply moisturizer to prevent your skin from peeling. Well, if your skin is burned from sun basking, it will peel off no matter what you do. Applying moisturizer may help your skin to rehydrate but it will not prevent your skin from being damaged.
These are some of the common misconceptions about sun bathing or tanning. Always keep these things in mind in order to protect yourself from damages while sun bathing. The process of burning your skin to make it look more attractive is a great way, but only if done the right way. These things will help you protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, while being able to enjoy tanned skin.

By Arsya

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