Want Style on a Budget? Hire a Student!

By Arsya Jun13,2021 #budget #student #style

If you follow the golden rule of hair care, you are required to go for a trim at least every six weeks to properly maintain your style and keep split ends under control. Acrylic nails need refills every four to six weeks also, and if you colour your hair, those roots will be showing in no time at all.
Looking great can be a costly expense. However, you can still look great on a shoe string budget by hiring students to attend to all your beauty needs.
Every hair stylist, nail technician and beautician was trained at a beauty school. They didn’t learn everything they know from a book, they actually had practice on real live people. For decades beauty schools have been offering ample price discounts to entice patrons to let a student look after their styling needs.
If you’ve never been to a beauty school before, don’t panic. These students aren’t left to run with scissors. In fact, there are supervisors overseeing every cut, making recommendations and offering suggestions based on your face shape and other features. In order to teach the student, the instructor will show a student the benefits or drawbacks a certain style may have for an individual. This added expertise makes for a rewarding experience for the client, who gets expert advice from an experienced beautician or hair stylist, without paying a premium price.
Another great benefit to visiting a beauty school, is that students tend to go a little slower. Sometimes we are unable to fully articulate what we want in a hair style, but as the cut progresses, we can offer a little more instruction about direction and length, before dramatic changes are made. Granted, it also means the appointment takes longer, but usually it’s worth it.
If you’re only going for a six week trim to maintain a style, beauty schools offer the perfect solution. You can keep the higher priced style without paying the big price tag, and no-one is any wiser. Of-course, if you’re looking for a whole new style, the students are the ones being taught the latest and greatest trends and techniques.

By Arsya

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