What You Should Know Before Body Piercing

By Arsya Feb11,2021 #before #piercing #should

The way we wear jewelry has certainly evolved over the centuries. At one time, piercings only applied to the earlobes, and that was a trend that seemed risque. Not satisfied with the limited amount of jewels, women soon ventured to double the ear piercings. Yes, a staggering two holes in each lobe, then it grew to three and before you knew it, piercings were going all the way up the ear cartilage.
Not wanting to miss out, men began having piercing of their own done. First, the macho trend was only having one ear pierced. However, that quickly moved to two ears. They followed the look up the ear cartilage, and before long, men and women had run out of ear space to pierce.
I suppose in that sense, body piercing was born out of necessity. Not everyone appreciates the permanent nature of tattoos, and body piercing is alternative way to express a sense of adventure and creativity.
From eyebrows to belly buttons, all places in between, and sometimes unmentionables, piercing took the world by storm. Sometimes, we even see chains connecting two piercings. Is it art? Is it fashion? Is it jewelry?
Better question: is it safe?
While body jewelry is an exciting and unique way to express yourself, you should exercise care and common sense with piercings.
Since the skin is broken to allow the piercing, infections are a common occurrence. These can range from mild irritations and redness, to serious blood infections such as hepatitis or HIV. Other problems can come from a reaction to the jewelry itself.
Do your homework before you pierce and weigh the consequences if things go wrong. A botched cartilage piercing, for example, could leave your ear permanently deformed. Mouth and tongue jewelry have a history of being swallowed during sleep, causing choking and damage to the mouth and throat.
Always choose a reputable establishment to perform your piercing. Make sure they use proper cleaning methods, such as cleaning the jewelry with rubbing alcohol to prevent infection. If you do end up with damaged skin, make sure you treat it immediately. If you notice excessive swelling, redness or a rash, it could be an allergic reaction to the jewelry or even the piercing tool. Remove the piercing right away and seek medical attention.
Body piercing can be a fun way to add a little creative excitement to your look. There’s a huge selection of body jewelry for any style or taste. However, be careful and use common sense when it comes to body piercing. Always remember, if in doubt, take it out.

By Arsya

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