Why Going to the Dentist’s These Days Is As Easy As Saying Aaahhh

By Arsya Jun20,2022

Why Going to the Dentist’s These Days Is As Easy As Saying “Aaahhh”

It used to be that when your mother mentioned it was time for that dreaded day of the year, the day you need to go in for your bi-annual dental check-up, you couldn’t come up with faster ways to escape the inevitable. During those times, it was no surprise people prayed for a hole in the ground to open so they could jump in and not have to do it ever again.

Fast forward to the present but this time, be surprised at how much things have changed. From dreading going the dentists’, people actually look forward to it to the point of looking forward to the next appointment after that. So what’s changed, who died and what happened to the bodies’ former occupants?

Nothing really, just the fact that going for cosmetic dental treatments these days entails going to a dental office that looks more like a Hollywood celebrity’s home and being asked if they wanted something from the juice bar, a warm blanket or a moist towel to wash their face with. What’s more, upon being led to the dentist’s chair, which happens to double as a back massager, you are further asked if you want to watch the latest blockbuster or to look out the window and listen to the birds chirping. Wait, are we talking about a dentist’s office or the latest spa to open at the mall?

Well, you could say that it’s a little of both. The emergence of dental spas in recent years has certainly done wonders as far as calming down anxious dental patients and actually making them look forward to a visit at the dentist’s office. These days, you have patients coming in for a root canal announcing that they’d like a facial to go with that or requesting for special services like reflexology along with a cup of cappuccino. Apparently, dentists have had enough of nervous patients who wring their hands while sitting in the waiting room only to discover them gone even before their name is called. Dental offices have finally learned that a way to get a patient’s trust is to make them feel comfortable and giving them what they want. To build customer confidence, they specifically design their offices to have a relaxing and calming atmosphere that is almost spa-like to put the patient immediately at ease.

The business of dental spas has increasingly grown in recent months and thanks to the internet that is chock full of tips on how to take care of teeth, fewer people have been going in to get treated for tooth and gum disease and are more concerned with the aesthetic aspects of teeth. This has enabled dentists to concentrate more on cosmetic dentistry and helping people look and feel their best to keep their businesses afloat. It is one trend that has been approved by respected dental associations like the ADA and as long as you go to one that is operated by licensed dental professionals, you can be sure to come out looking and feeling great, without feeling any pain.

By Arsya

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