Why Olive Oil Is Great for Skin

By Arsya Oct26,2020 #great #olive

Olive oil has been used at home and commercially as a beauty product for years. It’s best known for its skin enhancing capabilities as well as hydrating and anti-aging properties.
But what exactly is it about olive oil that makes it so wonderful whether you’re eating it as a salad dressing or using it on your cuticles?
Olive oil is a natural source for many vitamins, nutrients and minerals, most notably, the precious Vitamin E. As far as good skin care goes, Vitamin E is a wonder supplement.
Vitamin E, as contained in olive oil does a lot for our health and overall appearance. Taken as part of your diet, it’s essential in the formation and functionality of cells, and helps guide other nutrients to the places they’re needed. A handy little vitamin indeed.
As a topical treatment, Vitamin E is an active ingredient in most sunscreens, not only for hydration, but because it is nature’s own sunblock. Vitamin E is a natural blocker of harmful ultra-violet rays which not only cause wrinkling and age spots, but sun damage and disease.
Great for your body, great for your looks! So maybe you think you don’t really need to use olive oil, but instead just need any lotion with Vitamin E in it?
You could probably get away with that, but there are eight reasons why you should always look for a natural source,such as olive oil, to get your Vitamin E, rather than a synthetic source, such as a lotion or cream. The eight reasons are the compounds contained within the Vitamin E that are depleted through the extraction process, leaving synthetic Vitamin E with only one compound. If you want the whole benefit, you need all eight, which can only be derived from natural sources.
This powerful little oil that’s chocked full of Vitamin E is a great skin conditioner, sunblocker and moisturizer as well as dietary supplement. No wonder women in some cultures have been using it for years and never get wrinkles.

By Arsya

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