Getting unwanted gifts for your wedding can be a serious turn-off. It is only best that you plan wedding registry much in advance & let your guests know about the gifts that tick your box. Once they know all that you need, they can choose a perfect gift keeping their budget in check.
In the ever-changing landscape of indie weddings, wedding registry is emerging with style. It is a shaadi-gifting concept borrowed from the West and now testing waters in our very own country.
Consider it a unique way by which you can assure your guests that their gifts will be appreciated, used and cherished forever. There is no denying that blessings make for the most beautiful and precious gift in the world. But, some lovely candles for your new home or your favourite designer bag doesn’t hurt either.
Why opt for Wedding Registry?
Its mutual
The guests really have to rack their brains to decide on the perfect gift for you and you will often have to put up with their bad taste. Aren’t we aware of the huge amount of time and effort involved in the process of buying gifts for a newly wed? And there still is no guarantee that it is going to be worth it! So, why not just give your guests an option to choose from a wide variety of gifts ranging from Rs 350 to a few lakhs. This can enable them to choose from the things you need and what syncs with their funds.
No Repetition
You might end up receiving repetitive gifts for no real fault of your guests but only due to the current trends or popularity of that product in the market. If you plan wisely, you can really put an end to this! When your guests will see your wish list of gifts registered, they will be able to track what someone else has already bought and what’s left. So, there is no scope of duplication. It not only saves your headache but also prevents wastage of time and money.
Get together
If there is something expensive on your list, a few of your sane friends and relatives can decide to chip in money to buy a product off your wish list. Many people have limited budgets and hence end up compromising. Here is a chance for them to gift you something that you really really want but without having to see their purses frown.
Online and Offline
Make a list online and share it with the guests or register with some reputed stores in India that provide the service. For example- Good Earth for home d?�cor is a perfect option because they have an elegant range for your home at all prices. Amrapali Jewellery can help your guests lay their hands on some lovely statement Indian wedding jewellery pieces instead of those multiple bed sheets.
Free of cost
Most stores do not charge anything for this service. Not only this, they send e-mailers and letters on your behalf to the guests encouraging them to making their pick. All you have to do is tell your friends over email, Facebook or send a note with the invitation card they should use this service. And then just leave it up to them!
In our culture, we are so used to forwarding gifts that we got earlier for some occasion. But, this is not right. Rather, it is imperative to put an end to forwarding unwanted gifts because if you didn’t like what you got, chances are that the new owners wont end up using it either. Though the concept of Wedding Registry is un-Indian, but for guests and hosts alike, it is seriously a blessing in disguise.

By Arsya

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