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Advice For Buying Or Renting Beauty Salon Real Estate

Just as no haircut is the same, no beauty salon or spa space will be the same (unless you are part of a franchise). There are several factors to consider when shopping around and finally selecting real estate for your own beauty salon or spa.
Here are some key considerations:…

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Beauty Definition

Want Style on a Budget? Hire a Student!

If you follow the golden rule of hair care, you are required to go for a trim at least every six weeks to properly maintain your style and keep split ends under control. Acrylic nails need refills every four to six weeks also, and if you colour your hair, those …

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Foundation Makeup

Decor of the Salon is Equally Important

When the clients arrive at our beauty spa, we want to give them the best service and comfort. It is essential that the guests feel absolutely comfortable and happy to be at the spa or beauty salon. Make sure that the salon equipments and accessories are state of the art. …

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Skin Care

Best Beauty Tips For Women


Change to a sheer foundation. As we age, our pores get larger and foundation will settle into them making them look even bigger. Use a light hydrating formula applying in a thin layer.

Switch the color of your foundation. As you age, skin loses pigment and radiance. So change …