A Revised Nose Job Can Rectify a Botched First Attempt

By Arsya May20,2022

A Revised Nose Job Can Rectify a Botched First Attempt

There are a millions reasons why you chose to have a nose job in the first place, but the only thing worse than being genetically assigned a nose is to have a botched rhinoplasty. When cosmetic surgery does not go right, it can be devastating to a person’s self-conscious.

What happens when it’s you whose surgical job has gone wrong? A revision rhinoplasty is not as simple as an initial surgery. Besides the complex nature of the nose anatomy, the surgeon has already made alterations and removal of the underlying structure that the second job needs to be evaluated as a whole new case.

A Nose By Any Other Name

There are two main ways a surgery on your muzzle can go wrong. First, aesthetically, the nose can be manipulated into an unflattering appearance. The other issue is more critical. Sometimes, there are functional mishaps that lead to decreased ability to breathe.

The later is more vital physically, but emotionally the former is of greater concern. Most surgeons are willing to aesthetically provide the patient with the nose that appears perfect, but their greatest concern is maintaining the structure of the organ to allow for proper respiration.

Choosing a Doctor

Selecting the right doctor was difficult enough the first time, what do you do when the surgery has gone wrong? There are cosmetic surgeons who specialize in revision rhinoplasty surgeries. It may be tempting to go back to the original doctor because of either the relationship that was built initially or because the patient feels the doctor is responsible for the end product (which is true).

However, the patient will experience better outcomes if they at least consult with a doctor who specializes in correcting botched jobs.

Surgeons who specialize in revision surgeries have additional training and skills that are necessary to address the new situation. Revision rhinoplasty has been described as one of the most challenging types of cosmetic surgeries.


During the consultation, the physician will discuss with you reasonable expectations. This is important because the underlying structures of the nose have been changed through the first procedure.

Further analysis of your nose will be necessary. It is possible that more of the underlying structures will need to be altered or augmentation material added. These items will be discussed during your consultation.

Even though your surgical job did not turn out the way you wanted it that does not mean you are stuck with it. There are many talented surgeons who are capable of correcting a botched nose job; however, it is important to choose the right surgeon whom you can trust to correct the previous procedure.

By Arsya

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