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The Many Ways That A Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You

The Many Ways That A Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You

Traditionally, you only visit your dentist when there is a problem with your teeth like tooth decay or if you need to have a tooth extracted. Nowadays even if you have perfectly healthy teeth, you may still need to visit a dentist. This is because some people may have healthy teeth but they are not happy with the appearance of their teeth. Having a healthy set of teeth that are crooked or stained is not something that can make you confident with your smile. This is where a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles area can help you.

A cosmetic dentist is a dental professional who offers treatments for restorative or aesthetic purposes. If you had dental fillings years ago, they would probably be the dark colored ones or the amalgam fillings. They are not nice to look at because they do not match the natural color of your teeth and they can be very visible each time you open your mouth. A dentist can help you with this dilemma because he can replace your old-fashioned fillings with porcelain or composite material fillings that can be made to match the natural color of your teeth.

A cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles can also help you if you have stained or naturally yellow teeth. Teeth whitening is the most common procedure that is done by a dentist. The procedure involves the bleaching of the teeth and after that you will have whiter looking teeth.

Composite bonding is also another service that is offered by a dentist. This procedure involves the restoration of a broken or stained tooth through the application of an enamel-looking composite material to the surface or cavity of the damaged tooth. After the procedure, there is no evidence at all that you once had a broken or damaged tooth because it is made to match the natural appearance of your teeth.

A dental implant is done by a dentist to replace the damaged root of the tooth. The fabricated tooth will then be attached to the previously attached root. This is a great option for those with missing teeth. It is a better option than wearing dentures that can be really uncomfortable and can get misplaced often.

A dental veneer on the other hand, is done by a dentist to repair the appearance of a tooth damaged by either tooth decay, chipping or discoloration. A veneer is a porcelain laminate that is used to cover the surface of the tooth to repair the damage. This procedure is also very helpful if you have a gap-toothed smile.

A cosmetic dentist has a lot of services to offer for those who are not happy with their healthy but imperfect smile. Getting that perfect smile with the help of a cosmetic dentist can completely change your life.

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