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Cosmetic Surgery: Preparing Mentally and Practically for the Operation

Cosmetic Surgery: Preparing Mentally and Practically for the Operation

Certainly it goes without saying that a plastic surgeon must prepare themselves from both a mental and physical standpoint before performing cosmetic surgery. No one would dispute this. But did you know that it is just as important for a patient to prepare themselves in these ways? In fact, one could even argue that it is more important, considering all of the physical and psychological ramifications that come with body-altering enhancement. If you’re planning to have an operation, you need to make sure you’re ready before going under the knife. Here’s how to do so.

Do Your Research

This is an important step that no potential patient should ignore. This is part of the mental preparation that cosmetic surgery requires. You should know everything a layman can know about a particular procedure before you go through with it. In the old days, this might have meant going to the library or looking through medical pamphlets. Today, you hardly need to get off the couch to find out everything you need to know. Most good surgeons will have a resources section on their official websites. Even without that, you won’t have to look hard to find all the information you need. Use your resources and know what you’re getting into.

Talk to Others

At the end of the day, all of the technical information and statistics in the world isn’t going to help you get completely prepared for cosmetic surgery. An important element of your research should be talking to others who have had the procedure. Nowhere will you get straighter talk than from those who have been through it. Again, the internet has made this easy. Look for message boards and blogs dedicated to the subject. Ask questions of people who have had it done. You’ll get an entirely new perspective that can’t be found in books or even through talking to a surgeon.

Physical Preparation

This is where you’ll need to be in close conference with your surgeon. He will have certain recommendations for you based on your health, your habits, and any other conditions you may be dealing with. He might advise that you stay off certain medications in the weeks leading up to the procedure. He will almost certainly advise that you quit smoking in advance of the procedure and for at least a while after. You’ll also want to arrange for practical considerations regarding your recovery. Make sure you take the appropriate precautions at your place of employment. Arrange for a ride home from the clinic. These are small, but important things that many people forget about until it’s too late.

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