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Caring For Your Skin on Any Budget

Everyone wants to look their best when out in public, either at work or play, and most people are particular about their choice of clothing, shoes, hair styles and accessories. Often, especially in men, the crucial component of the “look” that is neglected is the condition of the skin.

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Foundation Makeup

Where Did Those Under Eye Circles Come From?

Raccoon eyes are a common ailment as we age. Younger people might be afflicted by dark circles or baggy eyes on occasion, but that type is usually caused by lack of sleep or improper diet. For the younger generation, the problem usually corrects itself and goes away in a day …

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Makeup Ideas

7 Easy Ways to Look Fabulous

As a woman, looking beautiful is more than just a vanity or a privilege – it is actually a need. First impressions are very important especially in the corporate world. This is one of the reasons why women take the time to dress themselves up even if it is just …

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3 Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

The skin is basically the body’s first line of defense. It is the largest organ of the body that is undeniably vulnerable to different kinds of stimuli. From weather changes, water activities to traumas, accidents and burns, the skin is the first to react and adjust to these changes, may …