Creating the Best Mineral Makeup Look

By Arsya Jul31,2020 #creating #makeup #mineral

The ultimate aim with any makeup application is to create a completely flawless finish. Fortunately getting gorgeous looking skin is not as impossible as it may seem and it all begins with your concealer, foundation and powder:
Skin Preparation: No artist ever begins without having a clean canvas upon which to paint and your makeup is no exception. You have to nurture your skin, giving it the care and attention it needs with a great beauty routine. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing needs to be carried out twice daily which will help your makeup to sit effortlessly on your skin giving it that smooth polished finish. Look for formulations that contain sunscreen and the all important antioxidants which will help to fight free radicals and prevent premature aging
Concealer: If there is one product that dramatically improves someone’s face its concealer. it works to correct mistakes, even out skin tone and disguise blemishes. Using a light cream concealer that is one or two shades lighter then your foundation is a great way to create highlights. A cream base tends to have better staying power then liquid and will give you far better coverage.
Highlighting and contouring: This is one of the best mineral makeup techniques to use before applying your base. The general rule is that foundation for highlighting needs to be one or two shades lighter for your skin and foundation for contouring needs to be one or two shades darker, as light adds to and dark takes away. The aim with highlighting is to bring light to the center of the face, helping to create a natural glow. Contouring works by drawing focus to the darker more colorful features of the face, such as the eyes, brows and mouth.
Foundation: This is the trick to achieving that smooth even finish. There are many different colors to choose from and different pigments. Yellow bases tend to give warmer undertones and pink bases are cooler on the skin. In order to find the best mineral foundation match for your skin put a few shades on the side of your face, avoiding the cheek area as this is a completely different color to the rest of your skin. Once applied check your reflection in natural light, if it looks invisible against your skin then it is the right color choice for your particular skin tone.
Blusher: The type of blusher you use will depend on your particular skin type. If you have dry mature skin then a cream blush will work really well, however if you have oily skin then you are going to want to select a powder blusher for its staying power. A common mistake made by many women is that they tend to use blusher for contouring under the cheeks which gives an unnatural finish, instead simply apply your blusher to the apples of the cheeks to give your face an instant lift
Don’t forget to blend everything perfectly with a brush, make circular motions up into the hairline and don’t neglect the neck. Finish by locking in your makeup with a loose powder, to avoid that midday creasing.

By Arsya

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