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Dermal Filler Rejuvenates Your Face While You Wait

Dermal Filler Rejuvenates Your Face While You Wait

Have you looked at the plastic surgery costs these days? It’s pricey. Let’s just say that you can’t get the work done on a single paycheck. That’s an understatement! But, do you want to wait? Wouldn’t it be nice to get that work done now, when you want it? There are some options for raising money. You can sell everything you own, get four extra part-time jobs, or start a life of crime.

But there’s something that can help you get a full facial rejuvenation cheaply, while you’re saving your pennies for the real thing. It’s called Juvederm. The dermal filler smoothes out the wrinkles and helps fill out your features. It is a dermal “filler.” It’s made of hyaluronic acid, an acid that naturally occurs in human beings and animals. This simple injectible can get your face looking like it did 20 years ago.

The Difference Juvederm Can Make:

This filler works to rejuvenate the face. One of the most striking results is that it gets rid of wrinkles. It is most effective against “crow’s feet” that form around the eyes, and “smile lines” that start to appear around the mouth. It can reduce the wrinkles elsewhere as well.

As you get older, your face loses its natural fullness. This contributes to the “hollow cheek” look that is a dead giveaway of your real age. This simple solution can be used to fill out the cheeks, augment the lips to make them fuller, and thicken up the sides of the nose.

Why It’s Better Than Plastic Surgery?

This is a great option for those who are unsure about getting plastic surgery done. It’s all natural and non-invasive. This means it requires no cutting. It is simply an injection of a totally natural substance. The skin of your face reacts naturally to it, and your full facial features are restored.

Not Your Typical Injectible:

You’ve probably heard of other injectibles like botox and restylane. What makes juvederm different than these? First off, it is not a gel. It’s a filler. This means it is more suitable for certain people. The best way to decide if it’s the best solution for you is to talk to a plastic surgeon at your consultation.

Another advantage it has over others is that it lasts longer. Most injectibles last anywhere from four to six months. On average, Juvederm lasts for 12 months. This means that you get a whole year of results, almost the double of what the others offer.

Finally, the natural acid contains its own anesthetic. This means that it is a smoother and more comfortable procedure than the others. If you think it might be right for you, talk to a plastic surgeon. Juvederm can give you the temporary results you want, offer a great alternative to plastic surgery, or give you instant results while you save up for the big operation.

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