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Excessive Sweating And Associated Treatments

By Arsya Jun27,2022

Excessive Sweating And Associated Treatments

Generally speaking, a person is said to suffering from excessive sweating when the sweat control glands seems to be hyperactive. This means that people suffering from this medical condition sweat in cold weather and without any physical or emotional stress. People suffering from this condition actually have over-active sweat glands and can cause a significant amount of physical and emotional distress.

The causes of this condition are unknown. The first step towards treatment is a correct diagnosis. There are a few tests that can be carried out by the dermatologist to diagnose this condition. These test basically help calculate the amount of sweating and the general area it affects. An important part of the diagnosis process is the identification of triggers, time patterns. Also the patient should also notify about any other symptoms that follow excessive sweating like fever, lack of appetite, weight loss, erratic heartbeat etc.

The first form of treatment for excessive sweating is the also the most common and popular one. It is the use of strong antiperspirant. These products contain high levels of aluminum chloride hexahydrate to counter excessive sweating. The amount of dosage depends on the degree of problem. Excessive use can cause irritation of skin on the effected area. Also this treatment is not very affective in case of excessively sweating hands.

Oral medications are also prescribed to control the condition. The drugs taken are called Anticholinergics and they function by preventing stimulation of the sweat glands. The side effects may include dry mouth and dizziness and can also cause some urination problems.

Iontophoresis is a more heavy duty form of FDA approved treatment for excessive sweating. In this electricity is used to turn off the sweat glands temporarily. The treatment is most effective for those suffering from excessive sweating on hands and feet. The procedure is pain free but in rare situations cracked kin or blisters may appear.

Botox a popular method in beauty treatments is also a good procedure to stop excessive sweating. It can be used in extreme cases of underarm sweating. However this procedure can cause pain in fact intense pain when used on palms.

Minimally-invasive surgery is the most radical form of treatment for excessive sweating. Through this procedure the sweating function of the particular is completely turned-off. It is only used in extreme cases on areas where sweating is highly abnormal. This procedure is not very affective in the treatment of excessively sweating underarms.

Excessive sweating means that you are losing a good amount of fluids of your body. So it is essential to keep yourself well hydrated at all times. It is a proper medical condition with tests and treatments which, should be sought in order to alleviate discomfort and serious health associated with dehydration. However more than 60% of people suffering from this condition never seek any professional help.

By Arsya

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