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How Can I Find A Qualified Liposuction Surgeon?

How Can I Find A Qualified Liposuction Surgeon?

There are some times in life when it can feel exciting and adventures to go off the beaten path, but when you are about to have surgery isn’t one of those. In a situation like that, where your very life is in someone else’s hands, you really want to be sure that that “someone else” is as experienced and well trained as possible. If you are considering liposuction, your top priority really ought to be finding the best surgeon you can to perform it for you.

While it is true that the government requires all persons performing liposuction to be M. D.s, there is only so much protection that gives you. For example, the family practice doctor you visit when you get a sore throat is an M.D., but that doesn’t mean he or she has any experience at all with the machinery and techniques of liposuction. However, according to the government, that person has every right to perform it if they chose to do so.

Underqualified plastic surgeons can easily make mistakes that can have lasting repercussions on your appearance or even your health. An inexperienced surgeon may attempt to go too quickly, leaving the surface of skin lumpy or dimpled looking. He may handle the lasers incorrectly, raising the likelihood of burns, scarring, and infection. If he tries to take too much fat out at one time, he may even send your body into shock.

Because of all of these risks, it is imperative you do some research yourself when looking for the right liposuction doctor for you. Schedule a consultation with any doctor you’re considering and ask him in depth about his qualifications. Ask how many years he’s been a practicing cosmetic surgeon, how many liposuctions he’s performed, and if he’s ever had any complaints or been sued by any former patients.

You should also check to make sure any surgeon you chose is fully certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. This shows that the surgeon has completed a minimum training and residency requirement, and isn’t just doing liposuctions on the side. Some doctors list their certification right on their websites, while for other you may have to call in and ask.

One final thing you can do is look for reviews or forum posts from former patients online. These can give you an idea of the level of client satisfaction your particular doctor has achieved, and also possibly give you a chance to ask questions directly of a former patient.

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