How to Improve Your Smile Through Cosmetic Dentist

By Arsya May4,2022

How to Improve Your Smile Through Cosmetic Dentist

Those who believe that we need to stick with the smile that god gave us, haven’t met a cosmetic dentist! While any normal dentist just ensures the oral health of your teeth and gives you advice on maintaining your pearly whites, cosmetic dentists take it a step further. It is a combination of dentistry and technology which does you a world of good. Now, you no longer need to hide your teeth from people, you can go ahead and smile all you want!

Standard dental procedures do not involve surgery or corrective actions. Cosmetic dentistry on the other hand has various procedures which can completely change the esthetics of your mouth! Not only can it rectify major flaws like missing teeth, chipped teeth or other such dental discrepancies, a good cosmetic dentist can also identify minor defects and make your teeth worth smiling!

Cosmetic dentistry includes a wide variety of procedures which are different in nature. These cater to all your dental problems which your usual dentist cannot cure. These are safe, comfortable and convenient processes which will restore your confidence for you. Any reputed cosmetic dentist will ensure that you get best results with minimum discomfort.

A few procedures which are commonly performed by cosmetic dentists are:

• Teeth whitening – leaves you with clean, shining white teeth without costing too much.

• Porcelain veneers – best for cracked, chipped or spaced out teeth. Uses a porcelain mix to hide all imperfections.

• Dental implants- a missing tooth need not stay missing forever! Artificial dental implants can do the trick for you to make your smile complete.

• Porcelain Inlays/Onlays – elaborate dental fillings to make your smile just “perfect..”

• Invisalign – too old for braces? This procedure is just apt for gap toothed adults who hate sporting braces.

• Smile makeover – change your smile just the way you want it!

• Mouth reconstruction- a little complex than other procedures, but gives your mouth a natural look by combining various other dental processes.

Expensive as they seem to be, cosmetic dental procedures are within everyone’s reach barring a few complex procedures. However, it is a small price for the big smile on your face once it’s all done!

By Arsya

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