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Insane Breast Implants – Choosing Sensible Size Large Implants

Insane Breast Implants – Choosing Sensible Size Large Implants

The ability to get breast implants has moved out of the realm of movie stars and models and has settled itself very firmly into the realm of the everyday. While nobody would refer to a pair of nicely-proportioned breasts as being commonplace or mundane, it is just not a shocking thing or even a big deal to get implants anymore. In fact, over a quarter million women in the U.S. have implant surgery done each year, making it the most popular type of cosmetic surgery around.

Most women seeking implants are interested in going up a “cup size or two.” Then, there are those women seeking insane breast implants. Between these extremes, you have women who want larger-than-normal breasts, but nothing that would be called out as being a bit too much.

Breast Implants And Self-Image

For most women who want implants, it is not just about breast size alone. Sure, size is important for many women, but it is about the overall shape of the breasts that many are looking to improve as well.

There are two main categories of women seeking breast implants: those who have always been ashamed of their breasts due to them being too small or uneven, and those who used to love the way their breasts look but now realize that their breasts just aren’t what they used to be.

Of course, some women just want implants because they want to capture men’s attention. A few of these seek truly insane breast implants, but most of them just want something that stands out in a crowd.

Insane Breast Implants: Do You Really Need Them?

The Guinness Book of World Records for large breasts due to breast augmentation goes to Maxi Mounds of Long Island, New York. Her breasts were measured in 2005 at 153.67 cm (or 60.5 inches). Of course, it is likely that Ms. Mounds is happy with her choice, but her 61MMM bra size would not be the choice of most women.

Instead of going for something that extreme, most women who seek larger breasts for the sake of larger breasts will still choose something a bit more tame.

How To Talk To Your Plastic Surgeon

If you are seeking much-larger breasts than you have now, it is important to know how to talk to your doctor. The thing NOT to do is to show up saying that you want such-and-such a cup size. The challenge for doctors with women who take this approach is that cup sizes are not as standard as one might think, especially given that different women have different rib cage sizes are other dimensions.

Rather, the best approach to communicate to your doctor how you want your new breasts to look is to bring in 2-3 pictures. Then, talk, talk, talk to your doctor (and listen!) until you agree on the best approach. While super-sized breast implants are not for everyone, women who want a little something extra up top need to find ways of effectively communicating with their doctors.

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