Permanent Make Up – Its Benefits and Advantages

By Arsya Jan24,2022

Permanent Make Up – Its Benefits and Advantages

In a statement, permanent make up can be described as cosmetic tattooing. Basically permanent make up involves a specialized technique known as micro-pigmentation or micropigment implantation. This cosmetic technique simply involves depositing coloured pigments into the top most layer of the dermis. The procedure is generally painless and is carried out under the highest hygienic standards.

So how is it done? This technique is actually quite simple. It simply involves the depositing of specific pigments to the desired area of the customer’s face with a fine needle. Adequate colour is also used to complement the customer’s face.

One of the most frequently asked questions about this cosmetic is the duration of the treatment. Despite the name permanent, the product cannot last an entire lifetime on one’s face. The cosmetic procedure is regarded as permanent because colour pigments are implanted into the upper reticular part of the dermal layer of the skin and the fact that the pigments cannot be washed off. The average period is usually a year and a half to two before the ingredients used breakdown and the procedure is required to be repeated. Usually, basic touch ups are recommended after such a period and the impeccable look is retained.

So, who can benefit from this treatment? The answer is everyone. Anyone who requires a soft and natural enhancement to their appearance can find this cosmetic to be very useful. Other groups of people that also stand to benefit include those who have lost their eyebrows or lashes due to cancer and those who are unable to wear cosmetics due to various skin allergies and skin conditions such as hypersensitivity.

With so much talk about permanent make up I have compiled some of the benefits of this cosmetic in order to bring illuminate its advantages which are numerous. It goes without saying that women are the biggest fans of this product and hence I choose to reference women although the male population is slowly waking up to this new technology.

The greatest reason for the popularity of permanent make up is it enables the woman to always look her best despite where she is or the physical conditions of that given place. As a woman you will always seem to be made up.

Secondly, the make up can correct any small imperfections on the face. If there is a feature on your face that you did not like growing up then talk to your cosmetic technician about it and benefit from this new treatment. It will save you a lot of trips and money to the plastic surgeon. For instance, permanent make up can be applied to the areolas to hide any scars that are present.

Also, permanent make up can be used to remove skin discolorations by disguising the problematic areas by adding colour.

Lips can also be beautified by this cosmetic. If you had any worries about grooves in your mouth or wrinkles that were brought about by smoking or the aging process then this is the procedure for you.

Just remember, while all these benefits sound very appealing, ensure that you look for an experience cosmetic technician to work on you. Anything short of excellent will most definitely be unsightly and unnatural.

By Arsya

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