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By Arsya Jan7,2021 #people #prominent #young

Face is the most prominent feature that a human being has, people usually notice the face first when they meet someone. Any blemish on the face can become an outright nuisance because not only does it itches, it gets noticed fast and is hard to hide. Though there are a number of treatments available in the market, none claims to be the cure for all. There are some natural practices though that can not only help you prevent any further occurrence but also give you the best acne treatment possible.
There is a lot of pollution and dust particles in the air we live in, though what we breathe is filtered by specialized hair that grows in the nose, the face has no such protection. Just like us, our skin breathes through tiny openings called pores. When we go out, the pollution and dust particles tend to settle in the pores of the skin, when remained, these impurities can cause irritation in your skin, hence acne.
Prevention is the best part of treatment, so protect your skin from any further acne happening. Make a habit to wash your face twice daily with either a mild facial wash or cleanser. Once before going to bed and second after waking up. Remember to rinse your face completely and gently tap your face clean with a soft and clean towel.
Keep your hands away from your acne, though the urge to scratch your face may be great, remember that your hands can further contaminate the rash or even cause it to spread. So wash your hands carefully every time before washing your face and wash your face gently by the pores of your fingers.
A healthy lifestyle reflects a healthy skin. So try to add up as much fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can, especially those reputedly good for the skin. The body recovers from any ailments faster once it has all the necessary vitamins in store. Also these vitamins and fruits are reputed to contain antitoxins which help reduce the toxin level in your body.
Increase your daily water intake, in fact there is a very big chance tat your physician will recommend you do the same, water can play a vital role in healing acne. The more water you drink the more water your body will circulate, and consequently more of those toxins in your body will get out of your body.
Stay away from oily or fatty foods, especially junk food. These foods increase your internal oil excretion, increasing the toxins in your body. Also remember to maintain at least 8 hours of daily sleep. Sleeping and waking early can work wonders for the body. Especially if you go for an early morning jog, not only will you feel yourself fresh the whole day but your acne too will heal more quickly.
It is perfectly normal for your skin to take some time in healing. Since you are using purely natural practices, there is no chance for any negative effect to befall you. Don’t be afraid to accept if there is no change in your condition and consult a good doctor in case this is a much serious condition than you first perceived.

By Arsya

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