The Best Way to Choose Your Makeup Colors

By Arsya Oct1,2020 #choose #colors #makeup

Make up is supposed to make you look good, and not the other way around. However, when you have chosen the wrong colors, then you may just end up having the worst day of your life.
There are things to consider when choosing the right make up colors. First is your skin tone. If you are dark, then it is wrong to go for darker shades of make up since these will just make you look darker. If your skin tone is fair, then you can wear almost any color, for dark to light shades, and you will surely look stunning in any of these. If your skin tone is light, then going for very light shades would make you look very pale.
There is a way wherein you can test if you should go for cool or warm colors. You can do this by placing a silver and gold fabric near the vein on your wrist. If the vein turns blue near the silver, then you are cool toned. On the other hand, when it has a yellow shade that is next to the gold, then you are warm toned. This will be a great help in determining the correct make up colors for you. For cool make up colors, you can make use of blue, green, pink purple, magenta and red. Meanwhile, for warm colors, these are based on yellow, brown, orange, and other shades that involve these three colors.
Another thing that you should also consider when choosing your make up is the color of your hair. When you have a dark colored hair, then you can make use of bright colors for your make up so that your face will appear radiant. On the other hand, when your hair is light colored, darker shades will make your face pop.
Looking good with make up relies on your ability to choose the right colors. With the guidelines I have given you, you will not be hard up anymore.

By Arsya

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