What Is the Best Skincare Regimen Young Girls Should Start With?

Teenage years as they say are the most exciting and fun time, it also the time for great challenges and pressure. All these are preparing one to adulthood. Today teenagers face too much pressure and competition when it comes to fashion and beauty. Looking good and being one of the most beautiful faces of today is every teenage dream.
So what have girls to do to lessen the pressure and stress of keeping themselves look beautiful? It is simple, just enhance your natural beauty and keep a practical skin care and make-up regimen. This will help bring out the best in you.
Teenagers have different skin care product and make-up needs than adults. So what age should girls start using skin care products? As early as they reach their pre teens stage, that is around 10 or 11 years old. It is in this stage that blemishes, acne starts to appear. Here are skin care and beauty products that would best work for young girls.
A light moisturizer would do for teenagers. Refrain from using heavy moisturizer for it might cause pimples which you don’t want to happen. So use a light moisturizer once a day before bedtime.
Acne is the number one problem that concerns most teenagers these days. So make sure to keep your face clean and wash your hands often and keep it away from your face. There are a lot of products for acne preventions and cures available in the market today. And some are really effective although some are just hype.
Make-up for Teenagers
As for beauty products, teenage girls start to wear make-up at the age 12 to 13 or at an age where they are becoming concern with their looks. A heavy make-up is not appropriate for teenagers. Light make-up would do just to enhance your natural beauty. Make-up should look natural, don’t overdo it or you might look like a clown. So what are the usual beauty care products that one need?
Foundation is not advisable for teenagers. It can block your pores so better avoid it at all cost. Instead of a foundation to hide any spots or blemishes, use a concealer. Just use a loose powder in your face to control oil and set the concealer.
As for other beauty products like eye make-up, use it moderately and choose colors that would complement your eyes. Eye shadow, Mascara and Eye liner will comprise your eye make-up. Use it lightly and choose the right colors for you. The key is choose the right combination of colors.
The same applies in choosing your blush on as well as your lipstick. Choose one that complements your skin tone so that it will look so natural with you it’s like you are not wearing any make-up at all.
Choose well your skin and beauty care products well. Try something that is organic or natural so as to avoid much skin irritations. Organic beauty items are quite gentle to the skin so it is just perfect for teenager’s fair skin.

By Arsya

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