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Reasons Why We Should Have Plastic Surgery

Despite of the cynicisms and doubts towards plastic surgery, a lot of people are still pushing their luck with beauty enhancement with the hope that it could change their life. Although there are so many negative feedbacks it does not serve as deterrent to people who already have a strong …

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What You Should Know Before Body Piercing

The way we wear jewelry has certainly evolved over the centuries. At one time, piercings only applied to the earlobes, and that was a trend that seemed risque. Not satisfied with the limited amount of jewels, women soon ventured to double the ear piercings. Yes, a staggering two holes in …

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Why You Should Opt for a Wedding Registry?

Getting unwanted gifts for your wedding can be a serious turn-off. It is only best that you plan wedding registry much in advance & let your guests know about the gifts that tick your box. Once they know all that you need, they can choose a perfect gift keeping their …