Quick Beauty Tips On The Go

By Arsya Aug30,2020 #beauty #quick

It’s hard to admit but planning and preparing for travel can be a little stressful. On top of that, looking good while traveling also causes us a great deal of stress. This may be a little daunting, but there are easy ways that can help you achieve the same results as having to spend all your time prepping in front of the mirror.
1. Moisturize!
Traveling can wreak havoc on your skin and cause it to get dry. This is especially true when you are flying on a plane. Always pack a lot of moisturizer and apply it on your face. Use one that goes well with your skin type.
2. Blotting Papers
If you feel that your face has gone a little shiny, always pack some blotting paper inside your purse. These are essential for quick touch ups. Who would want to look greasy when they suddenly meet a really cute guy?
3. Lip Stains
If you find it a bit drying to use long lasting lipsticks, a lip stain is your best bet. Before leaving, apply a dab of your favorite lip stain. Allow the color to seep into your lips for a little bit and then apply clear gloss on top of it. You will have fresh looking lips all day. Make sure that you have already exfoliated your lips beforehand, so that your lips will be smooth for application.
4. Minimize Puffy Eyes
If you are in for a really long trip, a great way to minimize puffy eyes is to use a cold compress. You can also use a fresh towel and place some ice cubes inside. Wrap it up and place it on your eyes for a couple of minutes. You will instantly feel refreshed. A cold compress helps in removing puffy eyes by contracting dilated vessels.
5. Skip the Mascara
Leave your lashes bare when you are traveling. The long hours of travel can make your eyes tired. You wouldn’t want to have raccoon eyes when you step out of a plane or any form of transportation. Instead, leave your face make up free (or at least apply some tinted moisturizer and a bit of gloss). If you are not used to show your tired eyes, wear big sunglasses. They always come in handy.
You don’t have to look oh-so distressed when you are traveling. These wonderful tips will keep you looking fresh and clean no matter where you may go.

By Arsya

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