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Stream Cosmetics Expert Review

In the burgeoning multi billion dollar makeup industry, the latest trend to start taking off is airbrushing. The at-home kits on the market can really help people get a flawless foundation look in moments, provided you get a quality kit of course. The latest company to spring up in the airbrushing industry is Stream Cosmetics. As a subsidiary of Luminess Air, Stream Cosmetics has quite a bit of airbrushing history behind it, but it will be interesting to see how Luminess have re-packaged the airbrush experience with Stream Cosmetics.
For a start they are touting Stream Cosmetics as being the first to offer at-home kits and to bring airbrushing technology into the home, which is a bit of a stretch, but the products themselves don’t look too bad. The compressors are nicely designed, and the whole look and marketing feel is very chic, so big points there. As far as their makeup products are concerned, they seem to be on-par with what other companies are offering, with no big surprises in any of the offered cosmetics, although their claim of a foundation which lasts fifty hours seems almost too good to be true!
The real surprise from Stream Cosmetics is that they are offering their products as a home-distributor style business (Multi Level Marketing), which is certainly a first for this field. The business model is fairly standard of home distribution franchises, with a buy-in price (in this case a very cheap $50) and then a progression through various ‘levels’ by both recruiting new distributors and selling products. There are pros and cons from this method of sales generation, so it is yet to be seen whether this move will pay off for Stream Cosmetics or not.
This business model doesn’t require any inventory to be bought, so it may prove to be a really good opportunity for those who are strapped of cash, although convincing people to purchase something with only pictures to help may be a little difficult – in any case a one off purchase of the Stream Cosmetics kit would probably be enough to use as a demo model, and that would only set you back a couple of hundred dollars. So there is probably some potential there, but as always with these types of businesses, it is really up to the individual effort as to how high they can go.
It seems from the outset that Stream Cosmetics is ready to take this industry by storm, so it should be interesting to see how some of the larger airbrushing companies take this assault on their market corner. The fact that Stream Cosmetics is marketing themselves as the innovators of airbrushing will be sure to ruffle some feathers, especially as the industry leaders have been in the business for nearly thirty years.
If Stream Cosmetics business model seems attractive to you, then the best thing to do is thoroughly check out what else is available in the industry, what other reviews are out there, and hear what consumer’s top picks for the best company and system in the airbrush makeup industry is.

By Arsya

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